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Infrastructure Cabling Contractor Based in Downey, California

Cabling Installations

Make the most of infrastructure cabling installations from U.S. Tech Nation Corp. for faster connection to the world around you. Whether you're a business owner or a homeowner, you need our installations to help you keep pace with today's world! U.S. Tech Nation Corp utilizes all aspects of network engineering ranging from system design and construction to staff augmentation and voice/data network wiring installation using Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat6, and fiber optic installation, as well as termination, certification, and testing. We will ensure quality control throughout the process and strive to exceed your expectations each step of the way.

Meet Our Owner

U.S. Tech Nation Corp. is proud of its owner; he has 20 years of experience to back his hard work and commitment to customer satisfaction. Trust in our owner for the quality work you need for the lightning-fast communications you want.

Fiber Optic Cables, Infrastructure Cabling Contractor in East Los Angeles, CA

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About Us

U.S. Tech Nation Corp. is a full-service infrastructure cabling contractor based in Downey, California. Connect your home or business to the world with our professional installations. We specialize in Cat 5, fiber-optic, coaxial, and PA system cabling installations.

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8:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

7929 Steward and Gray Rd. Unit 14
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Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area: Orange, Long Beach, San Diego, & Riverside Counties; Ventura, & Areas within a 200-Mile Radius

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